[Album Review] Red Velvet – RBB (or Red Velvet screams for their lives while chase a werewolf!!! Was it better than Power Up??)

Last year, Red Velvet made a really good effort in the k-pop music industry with three high-quality comebacks aiming different spots of korean music market and finally making their way to the top of the charts in a definitive way. This year, althought, the sucess continues while the quality can’t beat last year’s releases… Will RBB changes it??

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  1. RBB (Really Bad Boy)
  2. Butterflies
  3. So Good
  4. Sassy Me
  5. Taste
  6. RBB (Really Bad Boy)

The EP stars with the single, Really Bad Boy, a uptempo funk sung with repetitive chorus, marked with screams and endless harmonics. The single had a girl crush vibe in it, keeping its simple construction, like Wow Thing, the unit single from SM Station.  It’s not a strong and shoking song, like others singles of the group, seeming more like a competent b-side. 

However, the simplicity is compensated by its music video, a HUGE improvement from the mess that was Power Up, emulating werewolf trash horror movies, like the iconic Michael Jackson’s video for Thriller, and the dance moves, really in syntony with the trumpets. The final result, at least in visual terms, is like a fusion of last year’s Peek-A-Boo and this year’s Bad Boy.

Butterflies comes next, keeping the retro melody with some house-inspired club song. Although its inspiration on the mainstream house (that is making almost everything on the US pop homogeneuos and harmless), it has a smoky aesthetic in its vocals, as many dance-pop songs from 2000s Kylie Minogue, being a really good spotlight on the tracklist. 

If Butterflies was 2000s, So Good comes directly from the 90s R&B, with its continuous calm beat and acute vocals. It is not a bad song, but the group has already delivered so many songs in this style, that it doesn’t make an impact on the tracklist.

Sassy Me, like the single, its a uptempo funk song, having, like its title sugests, more sassiness in it. The provocative vocals on the verses are the best part of the song and saves it to become forgetful. Nevertheless, it’s melody communicate with the RBB’s instrumental, making the tracklist more organic and fluid to the listener. But this factor could be better if Sassy Me was close to the single on the tracklist, functioting, for example, as a intro for the EP.

Taste bring back the 90s vibe (why it isn’t next to So Good on the tracklist?? @.@’), with another R&B number, more joyful and distinguished than So Good because its fluffier vocals. The song is generic and could be in almost every girlgroup EP, but has a competent structure and function well as an end to the album.

To finish it, aiming at the US-marked, we have a english version of RBB. I really didn’t se very much difference comparing the two versions (the opposite that happened with the english version of Bad Boy, that improved the original korean single), so it is, for me, harmless on the tracklist.

Update: Red Velvet Is Ready For Their “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” Comeback In D-Day Teaser Photo

RBB, like The Perfect Red Velvet and Summer Magic, doesn’t reach the bold and good tracklists of last year’s comebacks of Red Velvet, but has a good improvement from the horrible Summer Magic album. Butterflies was the best track for me, competing directly with Aitaitai for the post of best Red Velvet song of the year , and the funk of RBB was a joyful breeze after Power Up…

Well, after that, we can only hope that 2019’s releases will continue this improvement for the group.

PS: this was an experiment for this blog, Aquário Hipster (Hipster Aquarium in english), to, like Red Velvet’s english version of its singles, make a post in english and see what happens (if the post do well on views and comments, you can expect much more k-pop reviews in english here on the blog ^^)

21 comentários em “[Album Review] Red Velvet – RBB (or Red Velvet screams for their lives while chase a werewolf!!! Was it better than Power Up??)

    1. Que bom que gostou xD

      Foi bem difícil ir escrevendo um post inteiro em inglês (a própria construção frasal é diferente entre as duas línguas), mas, pelo jeito que o post tá indo em visualizações, é bem capaz de termos mais posts em inglês no ano que vem (aí vai dar pra continuar treinando seu inglês também :D)

      Curtido por 2 pessoas

  1. i love a multilingual blog HAHAHAHAHAH

    talking about red velvet, I really don’t know how to feel about this mini. Summer Magic was not the best, but the sides tracks like Blue Lemonade,Mr. E and Hit that Drum was very interesting, but for RBB I’m not sure. And I agree with you, Butterflies is the best song of the album followed by Sassy (really sexy song).

    these medium songs for them is not a good thing, ‘cause Twice grew up a lot in their music this year (even when I think RV has more potential) and BP did well with their first mini. I’m still waiting for them to grow up as much as GG in future.

    (valeu pela oportunidade de treinar meu inglês KKKKKKKKKKKKK)

    Curtido por 2 pessoas

    1. YESSS, the group ascended to the top 3 podium of korean girlgroups last year and now that they really needed to establish the mark after last year’s boom, we have this medium singles @.@’ (but they are doing well on charts, so maybe next year the singles will keep that way… :/ )

      (De nada kkk ^^)

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  2. To be honest, I didn’t like the title at all, with the exception of the pre-chorus the rest was really dispensable for me ( and those screams at the end =_= ), but I liked the b-sides, I probably won’t add any of those on my tracklist but it’s okay, maybe a change my mind eventually.

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  3. Eu ainda não sei o que achei desse comeback… Eu amei os “OH MY GOD HE’S A RELLY BAD BOY” e poderia ficar ouvindo isso o dia inteiro, mas a falta de letras no resto da música tira o replay factor da musica comigo.
    O MV tá impecável e eu nunca vou superar o photoshoot da Joy. O mini ta bom, porem nada marcante que vá para minha playlist além de Sassy Me.

    (PS: Fiquei muito orgulhosa de mim mesma por ter conseguido ler o post todo, espero por mais coisas em inglês aqui no blog)

    Curtido por 2 pessoas

    1. Nunca erram no visual Joy, é incrível kkk Eu achei que poderia ter mais letras mesmo, mas o single acabou sendo minha preferida do mini no final 😅

      (PS: Fico feliz por ter entendido post todo ^^ Pode deixar que ano que vem teremos mais coisas em inglês xD)

      Curtido por 2 pessoas

  4. ooohhh loving the English blog! KKKK
    RBB não funcionou cmg -ainda-, já até sei que daqui a dois dias vou tar ouvindo em loop mas por enquanto a melhor parte eh a Irene deixando a Mariah no chinelo com um berro, e a bridge óbvio.

    Curtido por 2 pessoas

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