[Flash Review] Red Velvet surprise everyone with a japanese comeback

(Or Red Velvet teaches how to wash your Hot Wheels collection)

Who would expect that Red Velvet could be the first A-class group to have a comeback this year??

After their japanese debut with Cookie Jar, Red Velvet start to pavement a career that everyone who enjoys j-pop expected, due the craziness of the group in South Korea which matches the kaiwaii style in Japan. However, comparing with tha korean singles, Cookie Jar was a little offer to the potencial of the group on the japanese market.

Sappy in this context marks another step to a solid career on Japan, with another single that isn’t that strong musically (with it’s retro synthpop rhythm) and visually (with the car washer concept), but keep an wave of releases that can mark a constant presence in the market (like Twice did on South Korea). And, on a future japanese full album, Sappy, like Cookie Jar,can function as good transitions songs on the tracklist.

And this was Flash Review, the first post category fully in english from Hipster Aquarius!!! Did you like it??

The idea here is to write fast reviews (like the superhero Flash) to match the time of the releases. For the Portuguese readers, do not worry!!! A Portuguese analysis of the best (or worse) releases will take place in Sonorous Horoscope (“Horóscopo Sonoro” in portuguese).

2 comentários em “[Flash Review] Red Velvet surprise everyone with a japanese comeback

  1. Sou estranha em dizer que gostei mais de #Cookie Jar do que essa Sappy? Porque achei essa bem qualquer coisa e poderia facilmente ser uma b-side esquecivel de algum album japonês.
    Até o clipe achei meio mal aproveitado_ teve momentos que achei nada a ver com o resto do conceito_

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

    1. Acho que Sappy foi meio planejada pra ser b-side japonês esquecível kkkk Não tem cara de lead single (nem Cookie Jar tem muito), mas este foi um lançamento que se provou bem inofensivo com o passar do tempo…


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