[Flash Review] Mamamoo ends its one year project with maestry

(Or Mamamoo surprises everyone maintaining an unusual sound)

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With its 4 Color 4 Season project, Mamamoo promised four EPs bringing unusual sounds to the retro  R&B and doo-wop concept that became a characteristic of their releases, and a solo debut for each one of its members.

On Yellow we saw some EDM with latin-pop influences. On Red, it was a typical and sexy reggaeton. And, on Blue, the concept was a melancholy soft rock number.

Now we get to White and I must say that it does not show the best of the groups potencial for strong singles, but brings something that we almost forgot on Mamamoo: the comedy!

They are sexy, they are mature and they are great performers, that’s for sure. But, one of the most distinctive characteristics of Mamamoo is the members capacity of mixture all the qualities above without taking it serious.

On gogobebe it is exemplified by a trash mv, the most simple of the project, with an even simpler plot that only serves to Hwasa, Solar, Moonbyul and Wheein show their funny side after the past three more mature singles. However, the melody goes on the opposite way, showing a vallenato inspired dance-pop, like (g)i-dle last single, which follows the mainstream latin-pop so slightly that does not even seem to follow the mainstream tendencies.

Like I said: it’s not the best 4 Color 4 Season’s single, but is a really good and strategic release on the k-pop actual market. A big round of applauses for the ladies!!!

This was Flash Review, the first post category fully in english from Hipster Aquarius!!! Did you like it??

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